Additional VOIP Providers for “Make It Go” Network Services

We have added a few new VOIP phone providers to our list of VOIP devices available to customers of Network Services. (Pricing based on average retail pricing, including tax as of Aug 2013.  Prices may differ in your area, clients can purchase there own VOIP devices at local retailers or order online.)

Vonage Box©  $42.50
1-2 lines + 1 Port
Calling Plans are $11 to $49

Basic Talk©  $10.75
1 Line, unlimited calls for $12

Straight Talk©  $85.50
 1-2 Lines, No Internet required, $15 plan

Ooma© Basic/Business Kit  $149.99/$249.99
1-2 Lines + 1 Port, Free ($3.71) plan                   
1-15 lines, unlimited calls for $19.95 (Business Plan)

Phone service activation & calling plans are maintained by the service provider.

VOIP Devices (except Straight Talk©) require an internet connection to function.
Router not required for Vonage© or Ooma© service, a network port is available on the device.
Ooma© Free call service does not include taxes & surcharges which do apply, average charge is $3.71 per month, usage limit may apply.