PC Clean-Up

Computer running slow?  Let us evaluate your PC/Workstation and get it up and running again.  This service is only available for Windows XP, 2000, ME, Vista, and Windows 7 systems.


Most PC users are not aware that installed programs can build up over time.  A few toolbars for your browser, free anti-virus software, coupon/shopping monitoring programs, & many more.  These programs use resources & memory causing your PC to slow-down in performance.  Most people are not aware that these programs are running on their PC all the time.  To set things right we perform the following:

  • Check your PC hardware configuration & available memory.
  • Verify current windows setup, service packs, and install windows updates.
  • Evaluate installed programs & clean-up program menu(s) & taskbar.
  • Uninstall or re-configure software your PC doesn’t need or use.
  • Test PC performance & internet connection speed.
  • Install anti-virus protection tools available in windows with no future cost to you.
  • Add, Remove, Manage user accounts.

Big box stores charge anywhere from $49.99 to $199.99, in some cases you have disconnect your PC & drop it off for a technician to work on your equipment.  If your PC is able to connect to the internet & you can open your web browser then we fix it remotely.  Leave your computer where it sits & we’ll work with you on your schedule to get it done right.

Upfront Pricing:

  • PC Clean-Up: $39.99 (includes all of the above, up to 2 Hours of repair time.)
  • Monthly protection plan: $9.99**

Call Dave at 727-457-1048 direct or email us at support@dynamicdatanetworks.com to get started.

** – Protection plan includes PC monitoring program which periodically evaluates your system’s performance & catch problems before they arise.  If any programs or additional clean-up is required, it will be performed at no additional cost.  (Up to 1 hour per month.)