“Make It Go” Network Services

We can assist you in installing network equipment for internet access, network routers, phone service (VOIP) for your small business.

In addition to our Standard Service List, we have other data options available:

Cloud Data Drive/Folder
Online folder for document & file storage.  Access via FTP or configure as a network folder on your PC or Laptop. Mobile access with an Android smart phone or tablet via FTPServer app from Google Play. iPhone/iPad devices can access via FTP Server or FTP On The Go from the App Store.

Pricing :
Data Storage 10 GB          $1.99 Monthly/$19.90 Yearly
Data Storage 20 GB          $3.49 Monthly/$34.90 Yearly
Data Storage 50 GB          $7.99 Monthly/$79.90 Yearly
Data Storage 100 GB        $13.99 Monthly/$130.90 Yearly

Tiny Cloud Database Instance
Database instances available for direct access with any internet connection.  Additional “read-only” access option available at no cost.

  • SQL Server (200 MB ea.) 
  • MySQL (1000 MB ea.)

$2.99 Monthly/$29.90 Yearly per instance.