Evolution of MS Windows Versions (1985-2013)

Ever wonder how Windows has evolved in the past 28 years.  I think most people will remember Windows 95 as the 1st version they may have used.  My dad bought a laptop in 1991 that had Windows 3.0, that was my 1st experience with windows.  See chart below…this where the various version of windows fall into place.  I originally thought Windows 2000 & Windows ME were a separate version but they were similar (as early versions) of Windows XP.  Most people know that Vista didn’t work out too well.  I read that <10% of all PC’s in 2012-2013 were running Vista, the other 90% were all running Windows 7 or XP.  Windows 7 seemed to fix everything that was wrong with Vista, and I still use Win7 today.  I have used Windows 8 sparingly, I think the new 8.x version will be better.

Year Version   Name/Description    Rank
1985   1.0     Windows 1.0         *
1988   2.x     Windows 2.0         *
1990   3.x     Windows 3.0         **
1995   4.x     Windows 95,NT,98    ***
2001   5.x     Windows XP,2000,Me  ****
2006   6.x     Windows Vista       ***
2009   7.x     Windows 7           *****
2012   8.x     Windows 8/Metro     ***+

Screen Samples:

Windows 1.0 (1985)  Yikes!

Windows 2.0 (1988) Not pretty, but windows could overlap, maximize, & minimize.

Windows 3.0 (1990)  1st version I ever used, Windows 3.1 for Workgroups was network version.

Windows 95 (1995)  First “Modern” windows version.
Windows NT (1995)  Business network version
Windows 98 (1998)  Similar to 95 version with a few improvements

Windows 2000  New version of “NT” worked well, but replaced by XP Pro shortly afterward.
Windows Me (2000) A personal version before XP, didn’t really take off…
Windows XP (2001)  One of my favorites, very stable.

Windows Vista (2006)  Not that popular, older software wouldn’t run…

Windows 7 (2009)  I think this is the best version to-date, good interface, better security.

 Windows 8/Metro  Added tile page, major changes to the screens.