Dynamic Data Provides consulting & contract work in the following:

  • Database Reporting – Development of┬áreport forms, templates, web-based OLAP tools with SSRS.
  • Database Design – Design & deploy databases for cloud or internal access.
  • Database Automation – Automate system tasks, reports, notifications, & maintenance.
  • Software/Application Development – Design & build customer applications in ASP.NET, VB.NET, & VB6.
  • Data Migration – Move or replicate databases across platforms (MS SQL Server, DB2/iSeries, Oracle, MySQL, File-Based/MS Access.)
  • Database Administration – Manage, optimize, & design database servers for best performance.
  • File Data Conversion – Convert & load file data into SQL databases for application access.
  • Website Hosting – Design & Hosting websites for your business needs at very competitive prices.
  • Email Distribution – Generate Email for CRM applications &┬ásystem monitoring/notifications.
  • Data Mining/Auditing – Evaluate, organize, & map legacy or unknown databases for use.
  • Network Services – Installation & Maintenance of local networks for multi-office units or buildings.